Tuesday, March 07, 2006


We are often asked, “what are your prices”? Well this page is to give you a basic idea of what our prices are.

If you have any questions, about a specific item, or whatever, call 99DECKS (993-3257) or e-mail, str8sk8cc@aol.com, or just stop by the shop (click this for our location)

SHOP DECKS are $34.99.
They come in many all sizes, from Mini to over 8 inches, and we have many different colors and logo’s to choose from.
They are made of quality maple and equal to just about any brand name deck. We have sold over 400 shop decks and have had virtually no complaints.

SHOP COMPLETES start at $84.99
Click this to see the details - we have 3 different set-ups for shop completes - GOOD - BETTER - BEST

BRAND DECKS are $54.99.
Well, almost all of them are – I don’t want you to think we lied when you find one priced higher. My guess is of the over 150 different decks we keep in stock 95% are this price. Like most of the long boards, limited edition decks, high performance decks and old school decks are more than this. We have ALL popular brands of decks and maintain at least 150 different decks onhand. (click this to see list of all that we carry)

SALE DECKS are $39.99
We very often have perfectly good brand name decks that have to be sold so we can keep the newest decks in stock. The brand of deck that is on sale is constantly changing.

Our Blank Wheels are $19.99 (set of 4 with 7 colors available) and prices vary from there. We have a very large selection of brand name wheels from Spitfire, Hubba, Darkstar, Mystery, Pig, Ricta, Zero, Plan B, Powell, Dogtown, Alva – and many more in a complete size range.

Our basic trucks are $29.99 (thats for two). The prices for the other trucks will vary. We have from Krux, Independent, Venture, Industrial, Bullet, Royal, Thunder, and many others. We always have over 70 different trucks in stock.

We have a few different truck assembly that are $54.99 (also for two). This includes Bullet trucks & wheels (different colors & sizes, ABEC 3 bearings.

Soft trucks are $45.99 – What are soft trucks – click this to see!

We carry more than a dozen brands and prices range will vary from $7.99 to all the way up to $119.99.
Our shop bearing are, according to what a lot of skaters say, as good as brearings priced way higher.
Shop ABEC-3 are $7.99
Shop ABEC-5 are $12.99
Shop ABEC-7 are $16.99
Shop Ceramic are $49.99

Grip Tape
Jessup Grip, Shop Grip (STR8SK8 logo cutout) and color grip (14 colors or patterns)are $5.00. We also carry MOB Grip, Zoo York and others

If you want to see the brands we carry - click